Electronics by JB

Electronics by JB
  • Who We (I) Are (Am) - My name is Jared Baumann - I am the Owner and Primary Technician behind this business.
  • A Native Iowan - I was born in Eastern Iowa and currently live in Central Iowa.
  • My interest in computers came about early in childhood. I learned how to use a computer on a Tandy 1000 EX from Radio Shack.
  • Electronic repairs are costly in general, especially when you add quality parts on top of service hours.
  • If I cannot provide a competitive price to another business, I will tell you that. If the price I charge seems unreasonable, let us talk about it - I am sure we can agree to an arrangement that does not compromise my time or your wallet.
  • Hardware installation and repair are my jam - I am open to helping with other services and products. If it is something I am not comfortable doing I will try to provide the most appropriate referral.
  • You can also purchase items from my eBay store front.
  • Find my business pages on Facebook and LinkedIn for promotions and to learn more!